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personalized investment

Personalized investment account

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Gold FD

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Automate your savings

Automate your saving

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You want

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Recharge & Bill Payment

Recharges & Bill Payments

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Manage your utility bills with Kashewnut's recurring credit, don't worry it will not affect your credit score

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  • Prakash Das

    Prakash Das

    Ever since I acquired the Samsung Watch 6 using Kashewnut, my fitness goals have taken a significant leap forward.

  • Ajay Piramal

    Ajay Piramal

    I had used BNPL numbers of time and always paid high interest. For the first time I have used Kashewnut SNBL to buy Yeezy Boost sneaker and amazed to see the saving I made.

  • Rutvi Shah

    Rutvi Shah

    I have always dreamed to visit Singapore. With Kashewnut not only I have completed my dream but also saved 15% on my trip.

  • Vaibhav Shah

    Vaibhav Shah

    I just bought my Asus Zen book duo using Kashewnut and I must say Kashewnut is developing saving habit which everyone should use.

  • Jaymin Patel

    Jaymin Patel

    I have just bought new furniture from Pepperfry using Kashewnut and am very happy with the saving I made. It is very easy to use and best thing is there is no lock in.

  • Rutvik Bansal

    Rutvik Bansal

    It is really very convenient to save for grocery every month and buy. I am really amazed to see that I can not save as much as 15% on grocery.

  • John Mistry

    John Mistry

    I have created my home improvement goal with Kashewnut gold and really happy with yield I am getting currently. Further with Gold FD, I could earn more that market return. Kudos to Kashewnut team.

  • Yatri Jain

    Yatri Jain

    My life just got easier as with Kashewnut low ticket gold plan, I can now save Rs.100 daily and don’t have to worry about anything.

  • Ayushi Agarawal

    Ayushi Agarawal

    With multiple options available on Kashewnut platform for fitness product, It is very easy for me to save for my personal fitness goal and spend it whenever necessary.

  • Antony Mathew

    Antony Mathew

    I want to buy Royal Enfield Classic 350 and have started SIP with Kashewnut. It is really very easy to save money with Kashewnut.